DrillDb - Build and Share Dashboards for your Business applications

With out writing a single line of Code or SQL !


What is DrillDb ?

DrillDb lets you easily create dashboards, drill-down and Ad Hoc reports from your data in Mysql, Postgres and Amazon Redshift using a simple web based report builder.

You can share these dashboards, reports with your team members such that they have access to the entire data or only a subset of the data if you choose so.

DrillDB also lets you configure scheduled reports so that the reports are automatically generated and delivered via email.

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Drill-Down & Ad Hoc reports in minutes !

Easily Create your entire drill-down & Ad Hoc reports with out any programming. Just select the group by fields , the aggregate columns and Filters and you are good to go.

Its really simple and easy to use.


Turn creating and managing your reports from a chore into a pleasure.

✓ Easily Create Drill-Down & Ad Hoc Reports
✓ Get a 360 degree view of your data
✓ Share reports with your team
✓ Visualize your data with Graphs
✓ Email Scheduled Reports
✓ No Programming Required
✓ iOS and Android Ready
✓ Access your Reports from Anywhere, Anytime !


Build Reports from Tables or Custom Queries

If you have Denormalized tables in your database , Drilldb can create drill-down reports right away with out writing a single line of SQL code. Optionally if your data is normalized or if your data is spread across multiple tables, DrillDb still makes it really easy to create drill-down reports by treating your Join Query as a table.

Custom Sorting Types and Quick Filters

DrillDb supports sorting many data types including popular variations of dates , Range of Numbers , time stamps , Urls etc so most sort types are ready out of the box for you. Values for Filters in AdHoc Reports are auto populated and you can also choose a custom query for loading each filter values, this would make loading your reports really fast even if your reports main data source has millions of rows of data.

Quick Formatters

Want to convert those aggregate numbers into Millions or Indian format ? Want to convert mysql date to mm-dd-yyyy ? Just apply the relevant formatter and DrillDb will do the rest for you. Advanced Formatters like heatmaps lets you easily analyze your data and helps you spot the outliers with in no time.


With DrillDB Graphs are just a button away - visualize your data as Pie, Line, Area, Bar and stacked Bar or column charts for clear comparisions.

Share Reports with your Team

DrillDb makes it really easy to share a single report with multiple users in your team. If you want to share the same report with your team members but with each user restricted to a subset of the main data. Specify the data filter against each user for that report. This eliminates the need for creating multiple variations of the same reports for each user - as is the case with many other softwares. Your team members can access reports from their iOS , Android devices or from a Mac or a PC.

Export to Excel, PDF and more

Export your report results to Excel and PDF file formats. While Exporting Sensitive data DrillDb can also optinally password protect those files.

Customize your Reports with Javascript

Add custom features to reports by plugging in your own Javascript snippets. This ability lets you do a lot of customization and can take your reports to a whole new level. We have added a few examples in our demo section to give a glimpse of the possibilites.

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Frequently asked Questions

Are there any special requirements ?

There are no special requirements. There is nothing to install and you don't need any technical know-how for setting up and using drilldb.

How does the trial period work?

It's simple. You create a free account which you can use for 30 days. During your trial period you have access to all functions. Once the trial period is finished you will be asked to pick a paid plan which fits your usage. If you decide that drilldb is not the right tool for you, you just stop using it.

Can I change plans any time?

You can upgrade or downgrade at any time. Once you changed your plan, the monthly payments will automatically be adjusted with the next billing cycle. If you upgrade, you can use the additional quota right away.

Can I cancel any time?

All subscription plans can be cancelled at any time. Once cancelled, your subscription will automatically be terminated by the end of the current billing cycle and no more payments will be due.

You need more?

You feel like there are functions missing for you? Or you want to have more reports than listed above? No problem, let's talk about it! Just give us a quick note and we will get back to you. Our email address if info@drilldb.com